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Digital coupons totally reimagined.
Win-win for retailers and customers.

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SOcial, LOcal, MObile

NΛU is a perfect implementation of the SoLoMo approach

  • Mobile searches become more local
  • Over 70% smartphone-owners use location-based services
  • Mobile coupons are shared an average of 4+ times
Discounts & Rewards Social connection Gamification Luck & Smart feelings Time & Effort optimization GPS & WiFi geolocation
  • $100B spent in 2016 on mobile marketing
  • 60% of smartphone users are likely to use digital coupons
  • 44% of world population will use smartphones in 2017
  • 1,05B global mobile coupon users will be in 2019
  • 31B global mobile coupon redemptions will be in 2019

How NΛU works

Coffee shop joins NΛU and creates an offer
John invites Kate to join NΛU
Kate launches NΛU app and decides to redeem the free cupcake offer
Coffee shop pays 95% in NΛU s to John and 5% to NΛU
Coffee shop makes a sale and acquires a loyal customer
John receives tokens as a reward for inviting Kate to NΛU
Kate enjoys a free cupcake and coffee, of course

NΛU markets


Allee der Kosmonauten 33, Berlin

Erni Basulin

+49 30 30806680


2018 2019

Core Team & Advisors

​Yaroslav Shakula

Founder, CEO

15 years of experience as a project lead, co-founder and CEO of multiple projects in the industries of Internet-marketing and advertising (Creara, Sape), affiliate marketing, e-commerce etc.

​Egor Bruskin


Founder of LeadBit Group - a holding company currently managing a few worldwide projects in traffic and affiliate marketing industry.

​Max Gavriuk


Over 15 years of experience in software development and management. CIO of OmniSynapse.

​Olga Romanova

Head international sales

Previously Head of partner management department Groupon Russia. Previously Deputy Commercial Director KupiVIP E-commerce. Previously Head of Sales CardsPro.

​Ashit Joshi

Business Development Advisor

VP at Chegg Inc., expert in product innovation, project architecture, product ideation and technical solution.

​Tzvi Shishler

Advisor on international marketing

CEO of 4KingMedia, a leading Crypto Media company. Tzvi has extensive marketing experience in the disruptive online space and has been involved in ICO marketing from the beginning.

​Marc Kenigsberg

Advisor on tokenomics and data

BitcoinChaser founder, involved in Bitcoin since 2013. 18 years experience in online marketing. Worked with various ICO and blockchain businesses, a regular speaker at conferences around the world.

Development Team

​Andrew Tsvirkun

Coordinator, smart contract developer

​Ievgen Pervushyn

Core developer

​Alex Olar

DBA, blockchain developer

​Serhii Poraiko

Mobile developer

​Alexandr Khoronko

Mobile developer

​Artur Yenatskyi

Frontend developer

​Alex Voronovich

Backend developer

​Alexandr Stoilovskyi

Backend developer

​Alexandr Doskich

Backend developer

Events & Media


july 2017 Start of development
oct 2017 Private presale round
sep - oct 2017 Local offices launch in 5 countries
nov 29 - dec 29, 2017 Public sale round (50M tokens) and
Private sale round (250M tokens)
november 2017 Public presale round
oct 2017 Start of retailers sign up and onboarding
dec 2017 NΛU token emission
dec 2017 NΛU beta release
jan 2018 Start of global marketing campaign
2018 - 2019 Launch on 20+ new markets (depending of funds raised)
spring 2018 NΛU token accepted as payment tool
Q1 2018 - Q4 2018 Performance based token sale round


july 2017 Start of development
oct 2017 Private presale round
sep - oct 2017 Local offices launch in 5 countries
oct 2017 Start of retailers sign up and onboarding
november 2017 Public presale round
nov 29 - dec 29, 2017 Public sale round (50M tokens) and
Private sale round (250M tokens)
dec 2017 NΛU token emission
dec 2017 NΛU beta release
jan 2018 Start of global marketing campaign
Q1 2018 - Q4 2018 Performance based token sale round
spring 2018 NΛU token accepted as payment tool
2018 - 2019 Launch on 20+ new markets (depending of funds raised)
Soft Cap: $5M
Basic scenario:
NΛU operates in 5 initial countries. Funds are allocated to ensure project financing for 2017-2019 until it breaks even.
Fixed costs:
$2,598,000 - Retailers ​acquisition $1,247,500 - Customers ​acquisition $1,740,000 - R&D $1,026,000 - Global ​& ​C-level ​expenses $713,000 - BD ​& ​PR ​expenses $297,800 - IT infrastructure $229,000 - Legal $62,000 - HQ ​and ​local ​offices ​launch
Total fixed costs:

Considering the projected income of $2,911,980 during this period, NAU needs funding of ​$5,001,319, ​which should be acquired by the end of 2018. NAU has already raised enough contributions to operate until the end of 2018 under the basic scenario. Please ​check ​the ​P&L ​projections ​and ​key ​indicators ​that ​influence ​the ​projections here.

Additional funds allocation:
  • 40% Retailers ​and ​customers ​acquisition, ​global ​marketing
  • 30% New markets launch
  • 15% ​Infrastructure, ​legal, ​IT ​and ​HR ​costs ​for ​new ​local ​offices
  • 8% NΛU token liquidity support fund
  • 5% Extra R&D expenses
  • 2% Reserve

Maximum amount of tokens: 1 285 000 000

Amount of tokens available for sale:  1 000 000 000

Tokens amount
Price per 1 token
Bonus tokens
Bonus lock-up
Payment accepted
Minimal investment
Maximal investment
SEP - OCT, 2017 Private presale round
150 000 000
6 months
$50 000
NOV 1 - NOV 27, 2017 Public presale round
50 000 000
$50 000
NOV 29 - DEC 29, 2017
Public sale round
50 000 000
$50 000
NOV 29 - 1st PBR
Private sale round
250 000 000
$50 000
Q1 2018 - Q4 2018
Performance based rounds
500 000 000

To participate in NAU Token Sale users must register on https://tokensale.nau.io and receive access to their account.

ETH, BTC and LTC will be accepted as cryptocurrencies of contribution during NAU Token Sale.

Any contribution will be converted to USD based at the exchange rate fixed at the moment the “Show wallet address” button is clicked and then converted to the corresponding amount of tokens depending on the current Token Sale round and token price.

To participate in Token Sale public presale round, users should make a contribution no earlier than Nov 1, 2017 12:00 GMT time and no later than Nov 27, 2017 12:00 GMT time.

If the Token Sale public presale round reaches its hard cap of 50M tokens before Nov 27, 2017 12:00 GMT time, all the contributions received after the cap is reached would be returned to the corresponding contributors.

To participate in Token Sale main round, users should make a contribution no earlier than Nov 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time and no later than Dec 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time.

If the user makes a contribution before Nov 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time, they should contact support@nau.io to investigate the issue.

Detailed instructions on participating in Token Sale and contributing funds will be published later.

NAU main token sale round ends on Dec 29, 2017 12:00 GMT time or when the hard cap of the round is reached (50M tokens) whatever happens earlier.

Token Sale contributors may choose automatic exchange of ERC20 eNAU tokens to NAU tokens 1:1 in their account.

Token Sale contributors will receive their ERC20 eNAU tokens or NAU tokens (if they choose the exchange option in their account) within 7 days after the end of Token Sale.

Token Sale is operated by NAU, a limited company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with company number 326425.


Why is NAU a platform?

While creating a few services on top of the platform itself, our long-term strategy is to focus on developing the core solution that seamlessly connects retailers with customers through a variety of marketing mechanics and approaches. Through NAU API we plan to welcome more and more third-party services.

What services could it be?

The potential scope of NAU partners is wide: these are (to name just a few): publishers with local websites, advertising agencies and CPA networks, geolocation applications, cashback services and more. If you want to know more how your business can be a NAU partner, don’t hesitate to drop a line to ceo@nau.io

Is NAU API available for everyone?

Some of API functions will be open and accessible without any additional approval and some will become available only for the accredited partners. NAU will release the detailed API description after its launch in December 2017.

How can agents work with NAU?

NAU encourages both big agencies and individual local entrepreneurs to join the platform and broaden your range of services for the clients with an affordable and efficient marketing tool which NAU is. Please fill this form if you want to be accredited as NAU agent and start signing and managing retailers.

How agents can make profit with NAU?

Accredited NAU agents can add retailers to the platform, top-up their balance, manage offers etc. That’s how they add value and make working with NAU a totally seamless process for the retailers. Depending on the region and terms negotiated agents either charge retailers a fixed fee for management or work on a pay-per-sale basis.

What is attractive about NAU for publishers?

By using NAU API, publishers can show highly-targeted offers to their local audience, and after these users install NAU app, publishers receive the lifetime commission which is 95% of what the retailers pay for the sales generated by the users.

What OS are supported by NAU app?

When released in December 2017, NAU will be available on Android and iOS as a multi-platform application. In 2018 native applications will be developed and released.

Will NAU app require geolocation module to be active all the time?

To be able to automatically locate the nearby retailers and their offers, NAU app needs geolocation service to be turned on. While users can choose their location manually, they still need the geolocation and internet connection to be active when they try to redeem an offer (due to security issues). NAU doesn’t disclose information about the user’s location to any third parties.

Can I install NAU app without invite code?

No, the invite code is required by default. If you have found NAU app in app stores by yourself, please use NAU invite code. Otherwise, please refer to the person who have invited you to the app. If the application is downloaded by the user coming through an affiliate link, the invite code field would most likely contain the invite code already.

Why would NAU app need a mobile phone number?

So sign up with NAU, users are required to enter their mobile phone number and enter a one-time password (OTP). This requirement is intended to fight fraud and unsolicited usage of NAU platform features. NAU will not use users phone numbers for advertising or other purpose apart of identifying and sending OTP.

What if I change my phone number?

We recommend adding social networks and email to your account so you could contact NAU support and change the phone number linked to your account. If there’s no way to identify that the new number associates with the existing account, the user is required to set up a new account.

Why do you need blockchain for NAU?

NAU uses the benefits of the blockchain technology to ensure the transparency of all payments and commissions, and also makes it possible to process rewards paid by retailers directly to the eligible affiliates. Could it be done without blockchain? It could be, but the costs would be much higher and all NAU participants would have to tackle all the problems local retailers and their potential affiliates face nowadays and which we are to eliminate.

What information is stored in blockchain?

NAU blockchain contains all the information about user balances and transactions between the accounts. To speed up transactions (as a person using NAU may be in a queue with other people behind) our developers have implemented the so-called ‘hot storage’ technology which enables almost instant transactions while the are added to blockchain a few dozens of seconds later.

What blockchain technology NAU uses?

NAU blockchain is built on top of Multichain technology, which allows NAU to build a fast and reliable privately operated blockchain network. This technology has been specifically developed to cater to the NAU-alike projects.

Why don’t you use Ethereum?

Each transaction within the Ethereum protocol requires payment which doesn’t fit NAU business model based on multiple microtransactions. Besides that, we don’t want to have our blockchain module stuck each time Ethereum blockchain is under heavy pressure during popular ICO or something.

So your blockchain is private and you control everything?

NAU blockchain is privately operated, meaning we support the blockchain with our own nodes, distributed worldwide. However, if you wish to set up an external node and add it to NAU network - you’re welcome to do that. The mining is not rewarded though :)

So you have ERC20 or your own token?

There are actually two of them. eNAU is a ERC20 protocol token issued during the token sale. This token would be eligible for 1:1 exchange to NAU tokens immediately after NAU project is launched in beta.

Why don’t you sell NAU tokens directly?

There are a few reasons behind that. First is the adoption of the ERC20 protocol within token sales participants. People are used to ERC20 tokens as a token sale tool. Second reason is that we need to launch NAU platform prior to issuing NAU tokens so that token sale participants who wish to exchange their eNAU to NAU (or receive NAU tokens directly) can use them straight away.

Would I be able to exchange eNAU to NAU and back?

eNAU tokens would be eligible for 1:1 exchange to NAU tokens. NAU to eNAU exchanges would be a subject to 5% commission. We aim to encourage using tokens for their utility purposes.

How would retailers buy NAU tokens?

Retailers would be able to purchase tokens in many ways, including wire transfers in their local currency through NAU local representative offices, which are already set up in the initial NAU countries.

What would users do with NAU tokens?

At the very beginning NAU users will have limited options to use their NAU tokens - during the first month they will have one or two options available depending on the country. Through the first quarter of 2018 exchange options will broaden and NAU users would be able to quickly turn NAU tokens into cash, and later on pay in NAU tokens to the featured retailers and purchase various goods on the integrated marketplace.

Where is NAU incorporated?

NAU company is incorporated in the Cayman Islands, the Company Number is 326425.

Can I participate with fiat currency?

If you are a qualified investor and the public part of the token sale has not started yet, please contact ceo@nau.io with the details.

Is your token a security?

Definitely not. NAU token is a 100% utility token used to clear transactions within NAU Platform ecosystem. Token holders receive no shares in the company, neither they are eligible to receive any kind of dividends or interest, there is no buyback and we do not influence the price of the token in any way.

Why do you make a token sale?

To make such an ambitious product successful, investments are not enough. Community is also very important. Combining fundraising and community building is priceless, and that’s where token sale can help. We both build up a budget to execute the business plans and power up the ecosystem by engaging all the token sale participants into it even before the launch.

Do you plan to use funds for development?

NAU founders have already invested over USD 300,000 into platform development and more investments are to come. Raised funds will be used to finance the project operation expenses until Q4 2019, when NAU is planned to break even and start generating profit.

Do you have soft and hard caps?

The soft cap is USD 5 000 000 which should be collected by the end of 2018. NAU has already collected enough contributions to operate throughout 2017 and 2018 under the basic scenario. The hard cap is unsettled, because 50% of the amount available for sale will be distributed during the performance based sale round without predefined token price.

How many tokens are available for sale?

It is 1 billion tokens.

Is there any additional emission?

The maximum additional emission is 285M tokens (45M is a fixed amount and 240M is the potential 24% percentage of the total amount of tokens sold).

What are the dates of the token sale?

Public presale round will start on November 1 and will last until November 27 (or until the hard cap of the round is reached which is 50 million tokens). Public sale round will start on November 29 and will last until December 29 (or until the hard cap of the round is reached which is 50 million tokens). Private sale round will start on November 29 and will last until the first performance based round is announced (or until the hard cap of the round is reached which is 250 million tokens). Performance based rounds of token sale will happen throughout 2018 coincided with NAU new markets launch.